January 25, 2024

Everyone on board: VRT continues it focus on digital inclusion

From teleworking to online learning. From social media to video platform VRT MAX. Even though the internet is indispensable in daily life today, one in two Flemish people remain digitally vulnerable. This is why VRT works on numerous initiatives and programmes to help people strengthen their digital skills, with the support of the Flemish government.

Radio2 Digitour

Mid November 2023, the Radio2 Digitour descended on a different Flemish city or municipality every weekday, ten in total. Radio2-presenter Kim Debrie talked to experts, listeners and passers-by. Together they addressed numerous questions about digital applications, from online shopping, phishing to the cloud. How do you create a profile on social media? How does online banking work and is it secure? Can you trust any WiFi network? Radio2 informs, motivates and helps, so nobody missed the digital express train.

Everyone included, down to the last pixel

Besides the Radio2 Digitour, VRT is working on nine other initiatives that promote digital inclusion. Programmes, actions and events through which the public broadcaster offers help to every Fleming to stand strong digitally, hoping to narrow the digital divide a bit. For its offer around digital skills and media literacy, VRT receives support from the Flemish government.

A glimpse of the programmes in spring:

  • The digital dilemma

In The digital dilemma on VRT CANVAS, journalist Tim Verheyden examines the impact of technological innovation on people and society. Is everyone still on board and what is coming our way? Three episodes long Tim travels the world to talk to authors, philosophers, teachers, engineers, pros and the modal citizen. From Flanders to Boston, San Francisco and of course... Los Angeles, where the spectre of job losses due to AI plunged the sector into an unprecedented crisis for six months.

  • Factcheckers

In an increasingly digitised world, Britt Van Marsenille, Jan Van Looveren and Thomas Vanderveken continue to check facts in a new season of Factcheckers on VRT 1. They once again deploy their tried-and-tested techniques to distinguish fact from fiction, with large-scale experiments and high-profile tests. This spring, they do so for checks that all have something to do with the world of mobile communications and the internet. How easily do you fall into the trap of phishing emails? How distracting is a mobile phone behind the wheel really? These are just some of the many questions to which Britt, Jan and Thomas try to find answers in a new series full of suspense, emotion and humour.

  • Fix it

In the new episodes of the VRT MAX series Fix it (original title: Los het op), presenter Linde Merckpoel once again sets out to make big and small problems disappear. Armed with her vlog camera, she calls on her creativity, DIY skills and strong community of viewers, listeners and followers on social media to solve various problems. In addition to taboo-breaking themes and solutions, Linde also tackles some digital challenges.