Innovation without borders: VRT unites 50 media organisations in international network

Together with RTBF, the broadcaster of the Walloon-Brussels Federation, VRT brings together 50 international media organisations within the network Future Media Hubs. Uniquely, it connects both commercial and public media organisations, from France to Australia, with the aim of innovating together around media. As such, network members have the opportunity to learn from each other's experiences and challenges, and jointly launch new projects.

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Innovate together

Through open innovation, VRT explores new technologies and applications in a constantly evolving media context. The innovation department works together with partners such as start-ups, universities, broadcasters, and media organisations, to connect audiences with the future of media. With the French-speaking public broadcaster RTBF, VRT leads the international Future Media Hubs network to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

Within a series of funded projects, VRT explores, researches, and develops new workflows, formats, and media experiences. To put innovation into practice, we consistently test new prototypes on the production floor, while working closely with both media professionals and end users.  

Topics we are working on

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(Fake) news

VRT has joined forces with international partners to fight the rise of disinformation and guarantee reliable, independent, and objective news. From fact-checking and algorithm proofing, to exposing disinformation networks at their roots, VRT aspires to increase public resilience to fake news and maintain the trust of its media users.

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Virtuele producties

Content innovation

Through virtual productions, VRT focuses on the convergence of television and game technologies. Our main goal is to effectively and efficiently use production resources to create high-quality content. As well as this, we explore the potential of technologies such as the metaverse to create immersive experiences for our audiences.

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Measuring & personalisation

Measuring is knowing. It is crucial to have a complete picture of our audience’s media usage so we can provide a premium service. To streamline and personalise their experiences, we leverage data across platforms in collaboration with Flemish and international partners, while remaining focused on the privacy of the user.

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Audio, radio & voice

VRT explores the experience of sound on several levels from experimenting with synthetic voices and better navigating content, to increasing listener interaction with radio. Technologies such as AI allow us to seamlessly integrate innovation on VRT’s platforms.

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As a public broadcaster, accessibility and inclusion are VRT’s key values. Consequently, we aim to convey our content in a clear and coherent way through AI technologies.

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Start-up & scale-up acceleration

VRT builds on the strength of its international network to explore novel technologies and develop new media solutions. Working with start-ups and scale-ups, VRT can strengthen and accelerate the impact of products within VRT and the (international) media sector.

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Funded projects
Funded projects

Funded projects

VRT’s main funding sources stem from multiple organisations and initiatives such as Horizon Europe (formerly known as H2020), Creative Europe, ITEA (Eureka), the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Google Digital News Initiative. 

Selected partners

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)
Roularta Media Group
DPG Media
Play Media
Meet our international network: Future Media Hubs
Meet our international network: Future Media Hubs

Meet our international network: Future Media Hubs

In partnership with RTBF, VRT has built an international network of public and commercial European media organisations. The aim of this cross-border partnership is to collaborate and exchange learnings with each other. 

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