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October 01, 2022 - October 01, 2024

Internationalising VRT’s educational EDUbox format to engage youngsters in societal challenges at the EU-level.

Project Inquiries

Tim Van Lier


Partners: Sveuciliste U Zagrebu Fakultet Politickih Znanosti - FPZG, Mediawijs, Stichting NTR, MEDIA: Media & Learning ivzw,

EDUmake is based on VRT’s innovative educational format ‘EDUbox’, which engages young people in societal challenges. During the innovation project, partners will create localised versions of the existing EDUbox materials based on high-quality audio-visual content and interactive engagement strategies. Via these EDUboxes, youngsters aged 12 to 18 years old are immersed in societal themes such as inclusion, polarisation, tackling disinformation, culture, and social media. The boxes will be tested out in classrooms in partner countries and the feedback gathered will be used to further refine and advance the EDUbox approach.

As part of the project, an easy-to-use format will be created that enables EDUboxes to be translated and contextualised EDUbox across the EU and potentially beyond. This includes a set of tools, strategies, and materials that teachers and others can use in the future to create their own EDUboxes on topics that they consider important.

In addition, in preparation for the 2024 European elections, a dedicated EDUboxwill be created that focuses on European policy.  

EDUmake has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement: CREA-CROSS-2021- INNOVLAB-Project 101059958.