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Tinkerlist and automated broadcasting

March 01, 2021 - September 01, 2022

Developing a One-Man-Band show.

Project Inquiries

Peter De Paepe


TinkerList offers a solution that allows media creatives to collaborate on and edit media production tools in real time. They found that there was a profound lack of innovative and fully integrated tools to support media production teams in creating content and managing workflows.

To solve this, they developed a solution that essentially bridges the gap between the writers’ room and the recording studio. It streamlines the entire process from early ideation to scripting, from recording to archiving. As part of the VRT Sandbox project, TinkerList created a One-Man-Band solution based on the combination of a rundown and an elaborate automation module. The script/rundown is written in the platform and the presenter can solely trigger the prompter, complex graphical templates, on-premise or remote interviews, and playouts using nothing more than the space bar - without any technical knowledge needed.