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Limecraft and automatic subtitling

May 01, 2022 - September 01, 2023

Optimising the Natural Language Processing to create perfectly segmented and timed subtitles 

Project Inquiries

Mathias Teuwen


By offering online collaborative workspaces for the creative industry, Limecraft can easily respond to the growing demand for subtitles in Dutch and other languages. Limecraft optimises the Natural Language Processing (NLP), to automatically cut the transcript into perfectly segmented and timed subtitles in the VRT style guide. Additionally, they also integrate the transcription and subtitling tools into the pre-existing editing environment. By doing so, they can avoid switching between different apps. 

“Limecraft’s ability to easily customise workflows, to make combinations of microservices and to reconcile the outputs of the different AI services, is a game changer. It massively improves the accuracy and the usability of the output. As a side effect, users saves a lot of time as they don’t need to copy and paste data between apps.” – Maarten Verwaest, founder and CEO Limecraft