October 27, 2023

Seven VRT nominations for prestigious Prix Europa

No fewer than seven VRT programmes were nominated for 2023's edition of the Prix Europa. The nominated programmes included the drama series 1985 and Season of sex, the documentary Verkracht aan het front, the human interest series Mirakel n° 71, and the podcasts Waar is zuster Gabrielle, Club angst and The legend of Zillion. Together with production company De Mensen, VRT won in the TV/Video Factual series of the year 2023 category with Mirakel n° 71, Nathalie Basteyns' gripping road trip in search of a miracle in Lourdes.

Prix Europa is the largest annual European festival highlighting television, radio and new media productions. During previous editions, VRT programmes such as Metissen van België (VRT CANVAS), Albatros (VRT CANVAS), Tytgat chocolat (VRT 1) and Goed volk (VRT 1) won prizes at the festival.

About Mirakel n °71

Ten years ago, director Nathalie Basteyns was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis): an incurable and chronic disease that affects the central nervous system. She has been in a wheelchair for eight years since then and has had enough. She wants to be able to walk again and dreams of a miracle.

Together with photographer Lieve Blancquaert and nurse Gustave Dikumueni, Nathalie goes in search of that miracle. In Lourdes, 70 miracles have already been recognised by the Catholic Church. Nathalie wants to be able to put number 71 to her name.

Miracle n°71 starts with the concrete story of Nathalie, her illness MS and her hopes for a miracle, but also approaches it as a broader search in the world of our brain, science and faith. Nathalie meets scientists, believers, experts by experience and sceptics who each help her in her search for a miracle. Miracle n° 71 is a story of hope, faith and love for anyone who sometimes dreams of a miracle. And, who doesn't? Because it just might work.