December 13, 2023

Engaging kids in The Warmest Week through an interactive world on Roblox

As part of The Warmest Week, VRT's annual solidarity campaign, Ketnet built its own unique fairground in the metaversum to engage kids and youngsters. In a virtual world on Roblox, they can collect flames and pancakes for The Warmest Week.

Through Roblox's game community, VRT aims to engage a young audience in The Warmest Week on various channels. More than 214 million children worldwide flock to Roblox to go on a (virtual) adventure and play games.

"Kids today are everywhere: they watch, listen, play and interact in an ever-growing digital world. If we want to continue to play a relevant role in their lives, we need to be there. The Ketnet Fair in Roblox is a great addition to our rich digital offering and, above all, should be a signpost to the Ketnet brand. In addition, Ketnet Fair also brings kids into contact with VRT's The Warmest Week in a playful way." - Annemie Gulickx, net manager Ketnet

With an account on Roblox, you can discover various games at the Ketnet Fair. Among others, you can play KetSnap, where you have to take a picture of all the Ketnet wrappers within a time limit. You can also find a total of 50 'flames' (symbolising The Warmest Week) with which you can score a unique cap for your character in Roblox. The presenters of The Warmest Week are also regularly present at the Ketnet Fair.

Collaboration with gaming talent

To build the Ketnet Fair, VRT called on in-house young talent with a background in game studies (Hogeschool PXL and Digital Arts and Entertainment - Howest). With advice from Flemish start-up Cybernetic Walrus, they adapted the story of The Warmest Week into a unique interactive online experience. Before that, VRT also explored internationally the possibilities of the metaversum to safely bring together a younger audience around its offerings. Together with broadcasters YLE (Finland), DR (Denmark) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), VRT exchanges knowledge and expertise on a regular basis.

Our media experience has changed enormously in recent years. This offers opportunities for VRT to explore new forms of storytelling. That is why we are working together with the game sector to create interactive and virtual stories.
Gregg Young, project lead innovation