Ketnet is the Flemish public broadcaster VRT‘s 360° children's platform. Ketnet offers local content, interaction and experience with a unique added value, on television, online and during events. Ketnet caters to all children up to twelve years old, with Ketnet Junior as a sub-brand for children up to six years old. Ketnet connects children with each other and with their other social circles. It encourages them to find their place and engage in society. Ketnet helps children grow up to be self-confident, autonomous and happy adolescents. 

Ketnet offers children a wonderful world full of play and imagination. The brand wants to provide a unique 360° experience that evolves with every child in Flanders and offers them unique added value. The brand creates a magical cosmos in which almost anything is possible. Children experience small and big adventures in this playground and learn at their own pace. 

Since the founding of the brand in 1997, Ketnet’s aim has been to strengthen, encourage and stimulate children up to the age of 12 in their emotional and intellectual development, by way of a unique 360° experience. Ketnet is the biggest supporter of every child and wants to give children everything they need to grow. 

The unique added value of Ketnet is contained in the identity of the brand. Children can follow, watch and experience Ketnet, and do so in a safe way. Ketnet is from here, close by and tangible. Every child can encounter Ketnet at events that are organised to continue the experience of this magical world. In this way, Ketnet offers children a relevant and open window on the world. 

Ketnet evolves with children, so that they grow up to be self-aware adolescents. To achieve this, the brand stimulates children in keeping with their development, with a healthy mix of fun and education. By taking into account everyone's skills and emotional development, the brand manages to touch children and create real impact.  

Tailored to every child 

Ketnet is for all Flemish children up to 12 years old. This is a very diverse and extensive target group, with children in all kinds of different developmental stages. 

To be relevant for all these children, Ketnet ensures that the programming is tailored to different ages, stages of development, needs and interests. The brand has an in-house expert in developmental psychology and also collaborates with all kinds of experts in various fields. Ketnet translates their knowledge and advice into a wide range of programmes, projects and events for Ketnet Junior (up to 6 years old) and Ketnet (from 6 to 12 years old). 

Remaining relevant through a well-considered choice of platform 

The way in which children consume media is changing rapidly, and it is a constant challenge for Ketnet to keep up with these trends and to be present on the platforms where children are located. That is why Ketnet is building a fully-fledged digital ecosystem that responds to children’s rapidly changing media behaviour. 

First and foremost, Ketnet focuses on its own platforms: the website ketnet.be and the apps (Ketnet and Ketnet Junior). Children can not only go to the website for video material, and extras for programmes and games. They also receive information about events and share experiences thanks to the Ket profile. In this way, Ketnet creates a strong community on its website and the brand stimulates interaction between children. Moreover, Ketnet extends the experience to platforms other than its own where a large section of the target group is present, such as YouTube. 

However, the fact that Ketnet pays increased attention to online programmes does not mean that linear efforts are being jeopardized. Television is and remains an important medium, and one which Ketnet will also continue to develop.  

Ketnet partners 

To be able to realise all this, Ketnet works together with external partners, such as the Network Kies Kleur tegen Pesten, Awel and Mediawijs. Their expertise comes in handy when developing substantive storylines and topics, so that reliability and recognisability are guaranteed. 

Parents and educational institutions are also strongly involved. They play a key role in the development and education of children, so Ketnet is strongly committed to interaction with them. Ketnet also produces specific content that can be used in education, in line with the programmes. For example, as a derivative of De dokter Bea show, teaching packages for sex education for schools were worked on in collaboration with Sensoa.  

Ketnet in a nutshell 

Ketnet fulfils its mission by paying attention to the following matters every day: 

• Home-produced productions 

Ketnet focuses on high-quality homegrown productions, such as #LikeMe, Gamekeepers, Meisjes and 3Hz. Flemish, sustainable fiction is increasingly being included in the programming, and Ketnet is increasingly taking on the role of co-producer of Flemish animation series.  

• Socially relevant 

Ketnet opts for socially relevant programmes. The topics and storylines reflect society and are recognisable to many children. Being in love, a sick family member, bullying at school or having fun with your friends, all of these themes are taken from real life and therefore fascinating. 

Karrewiet is the programme par excellence that puts current social events on the agenda. Karrewiet is the children's news programme that brings news tailored to children. Tailor-made news is crucial to keeping children up to date on what is happening in the world they are a part of. Karrewiet reaches about one in five children up to the age of 12 every week. 

• More than just a programme 

Experience is gaining an increasingly prominent place in the programming. Events such as the Ketnet Zomertour, the Ketnet Musical: Knock-Out and the Gala van de Gouden K's bring the world of Ketnet to children. Mobilizing actions ensure that Ketnet is an active part of the child's world, strengthens social cohesion and stimulates empathy. Consider, for example, De Pet op tegen Kanker and the Move tegen pesten: STIP IT! The testimonials and explanations, coupled with an action such as putting on a cap or putting four dots on their hand to signal they are against bullying, ensure that children learn to commit to others, learn to put themselves in the world of their peers who are having a harder time. This is the added value of Ketnet.