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January 23, 2024

Empowering young voters: VRT co-develops international EDUbox for the elections of 2024

The countdown to the June 2024 European elections has begun. As European countries gear up for this continent-wide democratic exercise, educators are seeking effective ways to empower citizens, especially the newly enfranchised young voters aged 16-18 (in Belgium, Germany, Malta, Greece). There's a pressing need for accessible, ready-to-use learning material, and the new EDUbox on Politics is one of the resources addressing this demand.

Understanding politics isn't just a privilege; it's a necessity. The decisions made in political arenas have far-reaching effects on our lives, making it crucial to comprehend and engage with the system. EDUbox Politics empowers every young citizen to realise the weight of their voice, not just through voting but also through active participation and advocacy.

What is an EDUbox?

EDUbox is an educational format developed by VRT (national public-service broadcaster for the Flemish Community of Belgium)to introduce secondary school students (although it can be used for different age groups and in different educational contexts) to a societal topic.  EDUbox is a free learning tool for teachers to work towards specific educational attainment levels and several key competencies. It is a ready-made package based on the theory of deep learning, which combines technology, didactics and storytelling to create a fun and educational learning experience.

Unveiling EDUbox Politics

The primary aim of EDUbox Politics? To empower young people by offering insights into the decision-making process. This resource serves as a guide, unveiling the complexities of the political sphere in an accessible manner. 

EDUbox on Politics is divided into 4 sections: 

  • Happy to have you on my team!

    In this section, a school party analogy is used to introduce the concept of politics. Students are invited to work together to make decisions about an event, but reaching an agreement can be challenging because everyone has their own ideas. This progress depends on finding a common ground, much like in the realm of politics.

  • The journey of your vote.

     In this part, students are invited to zoom in on 3 different aspects, namely political vision, political communication and the political system. An overview guides them through the journey from ideas to policies.

  • Get started.

    Next, student teams simulate forming a government for the fictional country of Edumakia. With a budget and policy choices at hand, they face decision-making challenges and unexpected scenarios.

  • Participation.

    Lastly, students engage in discussions and reflections on the significance of staying informed. This section also highlights various ways in which their voices can be heard, showcasing inspiring examples of active participation.

3 main reasons for using the EDUbox on Politics to educate young voters about the EP 2024 elections 

  1. Ready-to-use educational resource EDUbox on Politics is a comprehensive, ready-to-use resource tailored for both formal and non-formal educational settings. With versions available in multiple languages, it's ideal for teaching young people about the EP 2024 elections. Interactive PDFs and a website available in English, Dutch (adapted to Belgium), with localised and adapted versions in Croatian and an interactive chat game in Dutch (adapted to the Netherlands).

  2. High-quality audiovisual content and engaging interactive elements Designed to captivate and involve students, EDUbox incorporates diverse interactive elements and discussion prompts. These elements range from group tasks to reflective exercises, complemented by high-quality video content and games. Varied activities are intended to sustain engagement and foster better understanding, encouraging learners to actively participate in critical discussions about politics.

  3. Tested and proven educational resources The EDUbox materials were carefully developed and tested by the EDUmake project consortium partners, ensuring their effectiveness. Educators who've used them appreciate their ease of use, high-quality audiovisual content and interactive games. The road to the 2024 European elections is paved with opportunities for change. We invite educators to use EDUbox Politics, encouraging young voters to step forward armed with a better understanding of politics and the importance of voting.

EDUbox Politics is currently available in English and Dutch (tailored for the Belgian context). At the beginning of 2024 will be available in Dutch (adapted for the audience in the Netherlands) and Croatian.

For additional information about this EDUbox and how to access it, please visit media-and-learning.eu/project/edumake. If you're interested in customising EDUbox Politics for your country, you can complete the form on the webpage or reach out to Tim van Lier (Tim.VANLIER@VRT.BE) for further details.  

The EDUmake project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement: CREA-CROSS-2021-INNOVLAB-Project 101059958

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