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Druid Learning and content indexing

May 01, 2022 - September 01, 2022

White-label educational content e-commerce platform designed with inclusiveness in mind.

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Mathias Teuwen


Because of an increase in demand for digital educational material, publishers have had to produce larger quantities of digital content. From their experience, they discovered that these educational publishers have been slow to embrace digital distribution, mainly because they lack the IT capabilities to build multimedia platforms themselves. It also doesn’t allow them to build a centralised system, that allows them to organise, manage and monetise their digital assets.  

Druid Learning provides these publishers with a platform that simplifies the automatic micro-categorisation of all kinds of digital content.  

Their technology automates the indexing of digital content files into component digital assets, boosting content discoverability and minimising the need for manual or costly processes. In this way Druid Learning makes their content production process more efficient to increase the content output. Using any file type publishers can create video content libraries, digital content repositories and multimedia e-books. 

“Without needing to change their IT infrastructure or existing content we can automatically index source files, break out component assets and apply our ML algorithms to suggest a series of content relevant tag on all digital assets a company may have.” – Niamh Faller, Founder and CEO Druid Learning