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Datavillage and personal data protection

March 01, 2021 - May 01, 2022

Giving data back to the user for better recommendations 

Project Inquiries

Mathias Teuwen


 It is no secret that there are some serious flaws in how companies organise data collection and storage today. Our digital footprint is scattered, which leads to little to no control on our own data and privacy. Moreover, media companies hold this information in their own bases, have limited access to the useful data, and face increasing costs to collect it. 

“Datavillage allows organisations to process and access personal data without collecting it. This guarantees the privacy of their consumers, and media companies can collaborate in a trusted way and provide a better-personalised experience.” – Frederic Lebeau, co-founder and Head of Product Datavillage 

Datavillage values personal data and does so by giving people back the control over their data. It provides a privacy-preserving personal data platform that enables a personalized content discovery experience across any media service. This is possible by implementing the users’ behavioural data from different digital media channels. 

“STADIEM gives us the possibility of collaborating with media companies and brings us visibility through the network and various organized events.” – Quentin Felice, co-founder and Head of Growth Datavillage 

The collaboration with VRT and RTBF within STADIEM 

“We produce a lot of niche quality content, but it is rarely recommended to individuals because we lack third-party data. Datavillage helps us validate the opportunity to use GDPR, portability and transparency regarding personal data as a lever to increase the ROI of our products so we can better serve our audiences.” – Loïc De Visscher, Innovation Manager RTBF 

“Datavillage is a reliable partner who knows its technology. They act proactively when issues appear that are project- or technology-related. The first demo already looked promising.” – Emilie Nenquin, Head of Data & Intelligence at VRT