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Do you want to validate your product and get real market feedback? Work together with one of our VRT brands or teams.

Join Seeds & Growth for Media: a validation and incubation program where young creative and tech talent get the necessary support to design, test, and grow their content production house or media tech startup.

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Let us introduce Seeds and Growth for Media: a unique incubation program in Flanders designed to empower young media professionals to build, test, and grow their own content or media tech startup.

  • Seeds and Growth for Media fertilizes your idea by identifying urgent market needs and challenges of the Flemish media industry. After a two-day hackathon, the Media Marathon, you're off to a strong start for your startup.

  • The program offers two separate tracks of 9 months: the 'tech track' to validate technological innovation and the 'content track' to coach new creative content formats.

  • By the end of your chosen track, you'll have a proven concept and even your first portfolio client, setting the stage for your future growth

  • Seeds and Growth opens doors to a range of financial pitching opportunities with Media Invest Vlaanderen, as well as international showcases through Future Media Hubs.

There is a big competition from foreign tech giants in media, but we have lots of top-skilled people here too. We want to make sure these local talents get the support they need to succeed internationally.
Head of VRT Sandbox, Peter De Paepe

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