March 19, 2024

VRT helps young production companies and tech start-ups take their first steps towards international success

In 2023, VRT, together with MediaNet Flanders and Thomas More, launched a call for young media talent - from student, start-up to beginning production company - to shape the future of media.

Within this Seeds & Growth project, media professionals and start-ups get the chance to present and develop their ideas, with professional guidance from VRT, Mediahuis and Play Media. More than 37 media enthusiasts applied, of which 20 were selected and eight are developing and testing their concepts today.

"The first edition of Seeds & Growth for Media showed a very diverse mix of young talent active in games, creative formats and artificial intelligence. Giving them tailored guidance and introducing them via sector events is fully in line with our mission to innovate within the Flemish media sector through collaboration with start-ups."
Peter De Paepe, Head of VRT Sandbox

Young talent within VRT is mentored by both VRT Sandbox (internal accelerator) and VRT Studios (internal production company). The collaboration ensures that start-ups with expertise from VRT Sandbox are given the tools to strengthen and internationalise their start-ups. At the same time, they are also supported by VRT Studios to optimise both their productions and concepts.

"It has long been no secret that media organisations need to factor in changing media consumption more. Young talent growing up in this new media reality is very important for a media organisation to keep in touch with new developments."
Gert Verpeet - managing director VRT Studio’s

One of the start-ups that convinced VRT is Brussels-based company The Green Shot. Their mobile application measures and reports the carbon footprint of media productions. VRT's sustainability team will test this technology and methodology in the coming months. In addition, Goodgames and students from Tettengetter will also collaborate with VRT Studios. Goodgames will develop an interactive interview format within the worlds of GTA and Mortal Kombat. Tettengetter will soon have the first test recording of their podcast on all social questions about breasts, from your first bra to breastfeeding.

Three months long, the start-ups will receive guidance from VRT Studios in developing their concept. In addition to personal guidance from the media organisations involved, participants are given the opportunity to develop and refine their concepts. They receive regular feedback and are encouraged to create something tangible that meets the needs of their target audience.

"For us, Seeds & Growth is a track where we can expand our professional network and finally turn our creativity into a concrete project."
Start-up Tettengetter

In addition, participants attend master classes in which they delve deeper into crucial aspects of entrepreneurship. These sessions focus on topics such as marketing strategies, product development and business growth. The structured learning environment, guided by experts, provides start-ups and scale-ups with practical insights and knowledge to stand strong in the (media) sector.

Besides these educational aspects, the start-ups and scale-ups actively participate in various local and international venues such as FTI And& Leuven and Media City Odense in Denmark. These meetings offer them the opportunity to learn from like-minded entrepreneurs and network with other experts in the media sector.