April 13, 2023

The resounding success of #LikeMe: an innovative musical series

#LikeMe is a musical series that shows youngsters the lives of other youngsters in a unique and contemporary way: through witty dialogue, familiar situations, pressing issues, strong characters and, of course, powerful music. As befits a good musical series, everything in #LikeMe is based on strong songs that move, surprise, entertain and linger. Home and abroad, the success of #LikeMe persists.

The story, spanning four seasons

#LikeMe tells the story of Caroline – ‘Caro’ to her friends – a young girl who moves to the city with her mum Kristel and dad Peter, as Kristel needs on-going medical care she can’t get in the countryside. The three move in with grandmother Titin, who is happy to have her family close, even though it does take them time to adjust.

Meanwhile, Caro is not only confronted with a new environment, but also with a new school. Being the 'new' girl, Caro is in the spotlight, not a position she enjoys. After a somewhat hectic start, Caro meets the jovial Yemi, who happily volunteers to help her settle in. Caro and Yemi soon become close friends.

But not everyone at school is equally friendly. Fashionista Camille soon makes it clear to Caro that the school has a pecking order and that she and her friends are at the top. Camille’s boyfriend, the athletic and good-looking Vince, does his best to welcome Caro, much to Camille’s displeasure. When Caro and Vince are selected for the leading roles in the school play and seem to get along pretty well, Camille is furious…

By the end of season four, Caro will end her school career with mixed feelings, but with countless warm, hilarious and emotional memories. And with friends for life.

Facts and figures

  • #LikeMe is an international success, being shown in more than 10 countries including Denmark, Germany and France.

  • The music of #LikeMe reached the top of music charts. Seasons 1 and 2 received gold, platinum, and double platinum in Belgium. The third series also scored a platinum record in addition to gold. The music of the first three series was streamed more than 90 million times on Spotify.

  • #LikeMe filled stages all over Flanders with more than 167 performances.

  • The series was shot in 240 shooting days and the cast spent a whopping 480 hours in the studio for music recordings.

  • #LikeMe provided as many as 10 sold-out arena concerts with a total of 150,000 concert-goers. They filled the Lotto Arena twice and the Sportpaleis (biggest venue in Belgium) eight times.

The series is distributed internationally by ZDF.