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February 29, 2024

RTBF and VRT join the Public Media Alliance to collaborate on impact of public service media

VRT and RTBF are joining the Public Media Alliance (PMA), the largest international association of public media organisations. The collaboration focuses on the shared challenges of public broadcasters by exchanging knowledge and experience. In an ever-evolving media landscape, VRT thus strengthens its international position and the impact of public broadcasters worldwide.

The alliance, spearheaded by leading public service broadcasters, addresses the joint challenges facing public media and enables members to share knowledge and best practices. Through research, training, working groups and exchange opportunities, the network builds on the strengths and core values of public service media to amplify their impact worldwide.

From technological disruption and competitive platforms to social media and disinformation, the challenges facing public media globally are growing, and more shared than ever before. By joining forces based on their values and focus on innovation, public media can strengthen each other in their public missions. That is why VRT and RTBF have joined the Public Media Alliance.

RTBF and VRT exhibit the best of public media, and a willingness to experiment, innovate, and collaborate to ensure they are relevant and accessible to all audiences. As the challenges facing public media worldwide continue to mount, it is imperative that public media come together to share knowledge and best practices, and devise solutions. The addition of RTBF and VRT to the Public Media Alliance will greatly benefit our members and strengthen our resolve in advocating the importance of public media in democracy. I look forward to working with them closely in the months and years ahead.
Kristian Porter, CEO Public Media Alliance
International collaboration among public service broadcasters is all about enriching perspectives, bridging cultures, and fostering societal impact. By working together through the Public Media Alliance, we look forward to building on each other’s initiatives, sharing insights on technological advancements, and creating a narrative on the impact of public service media that transcends borders. In doing so, we can not only serve our audiences better but also contribute to a more connected and resilient media sector.
Frederik Delaplace, CEO VRT
In today’s global world, exchanges are becoming increasingly global and debates increasingly polarized. The primary mission of public media lies in their ability to strengthen ties with their local audiences while promoting democratic values. Faced with the technological and social challenges of the future, it is imperative to strengthen collaborations to succeed. In this context, the Public Media Alliance, with its global reach, represents a valuable asset, a source of inspiration and a source of pride.
Jean-Paul Philippot, CEO of RTBF

International cooperation

VRT collaborates internationally in various ways. For instance, VRT joins forces with seven public broadcasters in Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands for a unique drama collaboration. In addition, the public broadcaster innovates together with international start-ups, universities and media organisations to shape the future of media. VRT is vice-chair of the NEM initiative, which helps draft the strategic innovation agenda for European media, and leads the media working group of the Big Data Value Association, which focuses on an AI- and data-driven digital transformation of the European economy and society. Together with RTBF, and with the support of the Department of Culture, Youth and Media, VRT leads the international network 'Future Media Hubs' to promote cooperation and knowledge sharing between private and public media. The network brings together more than 50 partners in different continents. Both RTBF and VRT are members of the European Broadcasting Union.