April 11, 2024

NWSlab: a bridge between innovation and VRT NWS

NWSlab serves as a vital link between innovation and VRT NWS, comprised of a cross-functional team of journalists, editors, developers, and more. Together, they engage in knowledge-sharing sessions, drive innovation through internal AI programmes, research projects, and operate the news hub.

The main focus of NWSlab is:

  • Disinformation: Developing new formats to disseminate fact-checks to a broader audience, with a special emphasis on engaging younger demographics through platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Furthermore, they explore opportunities in working together with digital content creators to experiment with more interactive formats.

  • Data journalism: Leveraging technology to make (large amounts of) data more searchable and analyzable.

  • AI in journalism: Exploring the integration of AI technologies into various stages of the journalistic workflow.

In the field of disinformation, NWSlab tries to reach younger audiences with fact-checks in TikTok and Instagram. These reels always include the VRT NWS brand and logo and the same hosts in order to give a sign of trust and recognition.

Next to that, NWSlab developed NWSify: their own platform that collects relevant data, visualised in the form of a branded graph or map and made easily accessible and usable for all VRT news editors. This also supports in easily factchecking (political) claims.

NWSlab also introduces AI in journalism by mapping wishes or needs in the workflow of news editors. NWSlab’s AI integration strategy involves mapping workflow needs, utilizing existing AI tools, identifying project overlaps, and generating input for new projects. They employ tools such as automatic format generation to streamline content creation across various platforms, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

This shows that NWSlab serves as a vital link between innovation and VRT news, leveraging a cross-functional team to combat disinformation, enhance data journalism, and integrate AI technologies, exemplifying a forward-thinking approach that propels the industry towards new frontiers of innovation and excellence.

Written by Noémie Schepens with the input of Chaja Libot