February 20, 2024

Mustii with "Before the party's over": this is the Belgian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest

The Belgian Song Contest candidate Mustii announced the song with which he will be on the big stage in Malmö in May: "Before the party's over" - an ode to life, both fragile and powerful. Mustii wrote the song himself, together with Pierre Dumoulin and Ben Leclercq.

"Before the party's over" is - like life - a rollercoaster ride that flashes by in the blink of an eye. Sparse and mesmerising synths lead to an epic climax with melancholic strings, euphoric horns, potent beats and a grand chorus featuring the voices of thousands of fans. In that way, Before the party's over is a unique song, as more than a thousand people from all over Europe responded to a call to participate in the chorus at the end of the song and sing the final chorus together. It is an original way for Mustii to offer a truly united song, more in line with the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 slogan: united through music.

I wanted this song to be an optimistic, euphoric burst of energy. It's a journey, from the intimate to the final burst (both in form and content). Before it's all over, you have to live fully and intensely, but also experiment with life and step out of your comfort zone. You have to take off your mask, embrace yourself fully, listen to your feelings and refuse to be chained and caged. In the song, I draw a metaphor between a long night of partying (with its highs and lows, its ups and downs) and life. Before the fall, before it's all over, you have to live life to the fullest!

The song was written by Mustii along with Pierre Dumoulin and Ben Leclercq. The song's lyrics are by Mustii together with Arianna D'Amato, Charlotte Anne Clark and Nina Sampermans. Before the party's over is produced by Tobie Speleman (known from The Haunted Youth, Blackwave., Brihang ...).

About Mustii

33-year-old Thomas Mustin (stage name: Mustii) is a writer, composer, singer and actor. Soon after his studies, Thomas performed roles in theatre, in series and films (including the RTBF series "La trêve", now also available worldwide on Netflix). In 2017, he starred in the French film "Je voulais juste rentrer chez moi". In 2019, he played Hamlet in the theatre, directed by Emmanuel Dekoninck, and Thomas won the Magritte Prize for 'Best young male talent'.

Thomas, meanwhile, has been building his singing career under the stage name Mustii. His style is pop, which he performs with a hypnotic voice that sounds fragile and powerful at the same time. Mustii has since released two albums - "21st century boy" and "It's happening now" - and played at various festivals such as Les ardentes and Les nuit botaniques, and three times in a sold-out Ancienne Belgique. Mustii was awarded the 'Revelation of the Year' award at the D6bels music awards.

In 2024, Mustii will release a new album, return to television as a judge in Drag race Belgium, can be seen in the cinema in Michiel Blanchart's La nuit se traîne, and will represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest.


The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the Swedish city of Malmö in 2024 on:

  • Tuesday, May 7: first semifinal

  • Thursday, May 9: second semifinal - featuring Mustii

  • Saturday 11 May: final