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May 01, 2023

Hello Norway scores in the Netherlands

The programme Het Hoge Noorden (Hello Norway) is scoring incredibly well in the Netherlands. It is currently broadcast on NPO1 and watched by more than 1.5 million Dutch people every week. After the Flemish success of the format, which was developed by Annemie Struyf and director Kristel Waterloos at VRT, it is now enjoyed beyond country borders.

Annemie Struyf: "The success of Hello Norway in the Netherlands doesn't entirely surprise me, since our own version on TV channel Eén was already massively watched by the Dutch. It was abundantly clear on my social media: the response from the Netherlands was huge, enthusiastic and heartwarming. Kristel Waterloos and I developed and shaped the format all by ourselves. We also shared our "kitchen secrets" with the Dutch, giving tips and advice on how to work out their own version. It is gratifying to see that our format is now so popular with our northern neighbours. We are happy and proud. And now we are busy working on our third series of Hello Norway. And we promise: you can expect more unique, powerful and surprising stories."

Jan Slagter, director Omroep MAX: "Over 1.5 million Dutch people watch Hello Norway every week, expertly presented by Dionne Stax. It is a programme focused on couples and families who choose a new existence in beautiful nature, far away from our hectic society. They live a life that many people regularly long for or - at least - admire. Hello Norway inspires, entertains and relaxes."

About the programme

In Hello Norway, Annemie Struyf (in the Flemish version) travels through Norway, visiting compatriots who want to start a new life in the far North. Such a move does not always go smoothly. After all, emigrating to a wonderful and beautiful, but fierce country such as Norway is no easy task anyway. "Why are you moving north and cold, when you can also move south and sunny?" is the big question newcomers to Norway often get. Yet, many Flemings still choose to live there. As with her successful reporting series in France and Spain, Annemie gives a surprising and heartwarming insight into the deep-rooted culture and breathtaking natural beauty of the Norwegians with Hello Norway. Above all, it is a compelling series about dreams and desires, trial and error, and moving on again. The result is a heartwarming series, set in a stunning backdrop of fjords, snow, ice and northern lights. Two successful seasons have already been shown on Eén, Annemie is currently working on the third season of the series.