December 20, 2023

From the Flemish coast to international success: VRT MAX series High Tides conquers the world

The much-lauded VRT MAX series High Tides, which had already won the hearts of Flanders and the Netherlands under its original title Knokke off, is now making an international splash on streaming giant Netflix. While the young twenty-somethings in the story are enjoying an apparently carefree summer in Knokke, viewers are bingeing the series worldwide in a whopping seven languages, and the series has made Netflix's Top 5 worldwide. There's more good news, because there will be a second season of the series on VRT MAX. Fans of the first season can already look forward to a sequel to the captivating story Louise, Alex and Daan. 

On VRT MAX, the series' ratings are impressive. With 7.7 million video starts, High Tides is the best-watched VRT MAX series. VRT MAX generally reaches a younger profile. If we dive into the High Tides ratings, this is even more pronounced: a whopping 50% of the video starts come from the "under 35" target group. High Tides also had a positive impact on audiences young and old. Research conducted by the VRT's research department shows that the series makes it easier for younger viewers to talk about difficult subjects, while giving an older audience insight into their world.

The series made the Top 10 in the first week following its global launch on Netflix, going on to reach fifth place now. Under the English title High Tides, the series has been dubbed in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and Polish. Subtitled versions are available in nearly every language. Another impressive achievement: the series has made the Top 10 in 43 countries, including Argentina, Spain, France, Colombia, Kenya and Canada.

High Tides is a Dingie production for VRT and Netflix, in collaboration with Dutch FilmWorks, and with the support of Screen Flanders, the City of Knokke-Heist and the Belgian Federal Government's Tax Shelter measure.