Mission & values

VRT’s mission: media that really matter 

VRT wants to inform, inspire, and connect all Flemish people, thus strengthening Flemish society. As a public service organisation, VRT takes up a special place in society. 

  • VRT offers a qualitative and distinctive offer in terms of information, culture, education, entertainment, and sports. This stems from both internal and external creativity and is inherently innovative. VRT dares to push creative boundaries. With its offer, it aims to reach all media users and present Flemish society in all its diversity. 

  • VRT plays a key role in stimulating the broad societal debate and has a place in the lives of all Flemings, across different generations. In addition, public broadcaster VRT pays special attention to children, young people, low-literate, people of foreign origin and people with disabilities. 

  • With a purpose of being relevant to as many Flemish people as possible, VRT strives for a broad reach. This way, it aspires to have a societal impact: strengthening democracy, political, social, and cultural citizenship, and society, by contributing to a social and pluralistic debate, documenting society, and stimulating cultural and linguistic perception and Flemish identity and diversity. 

VRT is not just any other media company. It is an organisation, a public limited company of public law, that independently fulfils a societal mission with a mandate from the government and from all Flemish citizens. Future-oriented and ambitious, VRT works on media that really matter, every single day.  


  • is a partner for all Flemish people; 

  • is reliable in its information and interpretation offer, is impartial and independent and relies on editorial autonomy;  

  • conveys the Flemish identity in all its diversity and shows the diversity in society; 

  • is creative, innovative, and sustainable; 

  • strives to provide excellent and high-quality services; 

  • reports on the performance of its mission in an open and transparent manner. 


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Impartial news & information

VRT guarantees impartial, independent and reliable information and interpretation.

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VRT makes culture widely and deeply accessible to a broad audience.

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VRT action plan


VRT has a broad educational role: VRT contributes to the media literacy of Flemish media users and is dedicated to documentary.

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Our mission for entertainment can be characterised as Flemish, uniting, and of high quality.

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VRT guarantees universally accessible sports coverage, reinforces social cohesion through sports reporting, and stimulates participation in sports.

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Flemish identity

VRT contributes to the support and reinforcement of the Flemish identity.

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VRT strives to make its digital platforms maximally available for everyone (including the hearing-, vision impaired or people with other impairments).

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