Impartial news & information

The VRT news service puts the public interest first, applies a clear journalistic deontology, and is editorially independent. Content considerations are paramount in the selection and presentation of news and other journalistic content.

In our current fast-internationalising media environment, with an oversupply of information, public broadcasters are guaranteed to provide impartial, independent and reliable information and commentary. Reliability is not an achievement, but an ongoing focus at VRT. Therefore, we invest in independent and high-quality journalism. Our core news values are: reliable, high-quality, accurate, independent from any political parties or pressure groups, free from commercial interests, impartial and in-depth.

In addition, we focus on:

  • News tailored to our different target audiences

  • Adjusting our news offer in relation to media consumption

  • Cooperating with written press

  • Contributing to informed citizenship

  • A news Ombudsman who checks deontological questions, comments or complaints for VRT NWS programmes

  • Continuously challenging our approach by educating ourselves about new insights and evolutions

  • An adjusted content offer for youngsters.