March 14, 2024

New comic series brings politics tailored to kids

In an important election year, Ketnet wants to introduce children to politics in an approachable way. 'De Raad van Soekie' is a series packed with humour in which you learn about the role of debating, how the democratic system works, the importance of elections and much more.

Kids know what is happening in the world, they see it every day in Karrewiet, on social media and on TV. Of course they want to understand that world too. With this series, we want to introduce them to politics and political concepts in an accessible way during this election year. That way, we help today's children become tomorrow's conscious citizens.
Anne Dreesen, Content lead Ketnet

The story

Welcome to B.R.O.L. (Bernard Roothooft Olbrechts Lyceum) where we meet Soekie, the chairwoman, and four other members of the pupil council. With positive enthusiasm, Soekie and her best friends dedicate themselves to the school and fellow pupils. However, there is one councillor who never agrees with Soekie and her friends. He actively opposes them with his attempts to thwart their plans because he wants to take Soekie's place as chairman.

De 'Raad van Soekie' is a programme by Eyeworks Film & TV Drama for Ketnet and is broadcast on Ketnet, VRT MAX, Ketnet.be and in the Ketnet app. With the support of the Flemish Government's Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) and the Belgian tax shelter i.c.w. Casa Kafka Pictures.