October 31, 2023

Factcheckers gets its facts straight internationally

The consumer programme Factcheckers is already at its fourth season in Flanders, with three presenters going to great lengths to separate fact from fiction. It is not surprising that Factcheckers is getting a fourth season, since the past three seasons were already extremely successful. The ratings speak for themselves and, moreover, only go up. On average, the programme had a market share of just under 50% during the third season.

The programme remains highly relevant to consumer viewers. In the constant stream of messages, assertions and trivia we receive on a daily basis, it becomes difficult to determine what is true. To address this, Factcheckers is not afraid to question things.

The public relevance and success of the series in Flanders has played a big role in the interest from abroad. At the request of international format distributor Primitives, an international sales trailer was made. With success. The programme has since been sold to Dutch KRO-NCRV and the Dutch adaptation can be seen on NPO1 early 2024. Other international channels and producers also shared their interest in the format.

About Factcheckers

Every day, we are bombarded with news, facts, fake news, videos and links that we cannot resist clicking on. But what should we believe and what is fake? The three presenters Britt Van Marsenille, Jan Van Looveren and Thomas Vanderveke go to great lengths to find out.

Each episode, they investigate three facts and try to distinguish fact from fiction. Each episode is a mix of fun, big, small and controversial facts. With the newsroom as their headquarters, the presenters act as guinea pigs and try out everything themselves. They leave no stone unturned to discover the truth!